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How To Plan Your Own Floral Arrangement in Macquarie Fields

It is an exciting job to make preparations for your wedding. There are many things you must plan and decide to make sure that all things are in place. Floral arrangements are a critical decision that should not be taken in a hurry.

If you want to design your floral arrangements, you should make sure you have planned them properly before giving orders to the florists. A small wrong decision can ruin the whole situation and put it in a totally out of control situation. Therefore, proper planning plays an essential role in making the proper floral arrangements.

Here are some tips to successfully design your wedding floral arrangements in Macquarie fields with ease:

  • Proper research of various types of floral designs is essential before making a decision
  • Make a list of possible florists or flower suppliers that have a variety of flowers
  • Consider flowers that have strong stems and are easy to handle.
  • Check the prices of several florists before finalizing the deal.
  • Finish the number of flowers you need for your flower arrangement.

Many flower suppliers have a variety of flower packages to make your wedding flower arrangements beautiful. If you can not find a reliable service provider, you can use the Internet as a means to find wedding designers who can help you with all the types of flowers you want to use for your wedding.

So, choose the right floral design service provider to make your wedding arrangements look beautiful.


Mechanical floral design: suggestions for creating your floral design in Macquarie fields

Rule number one when creating floral designs in Macquarie fields is to hide their mechanisms. Nothing looks stickier than seeing floral foam or floral tape in your container. A vegetation backing over the mechanics is quick, easy and will make your arrangement look professional.

Consider the size of your container when cutting your floral foam. The foam should not measure more than one inch above the container, and there should be enough space on the sides to hold the water. The foam should not dry or its disposition will die quickly. Allowing the foam to absorb water naturally without forcing it under water will ensure adequate saturation. The dry holes in the middle of the foam will also result in a dead flower arrangement.

Depending on the size of your arrangement, secure the foam in the container using one or two narrow strips of green floral tape.

Containers such as baskets or unglazed pottery that is not made of plastic or glass will need a plastic liner to hold the water. For arrangements in vases, you can use white crushed foam or design the flowers in such a way that the stems cross each other to stay in place. The chicken wire can be placed over the top of the vase to use as a grate to help keep the stems in place. Be sure to hide the cable from vegetation.

Certain flowers such as roses will have to be wired before they organize themselves to keep their heavy heads upright. Simply pierce the chalice (base of the rose) with a 22 gauge wire and wrap around the stem, being careful not to cut into the stem, working from top to bottom. It is useful to remove the rose thorns before arranging; however, caution must be taken to avoid damaging or damaging the flower stem. There are tools available to peel thorns, or you can use a sharp knife. Tulips benefit from being connected as they will lean towards a light source. The use of a light wire gauge such as a 24 will allow the tulip to move. Daffodils need to have a chenille stem inserted along the entire length of their hollow stems to aid in the absorption of water. Most other flowers will not need to be wired, except certain delicate or exotic flowers.

The tape can be added to an arrangement by attaching it to a wired wooden spike and inserting it into the foam. You can tie a bow around some vases to add a touch of colour. The ribbon will not stay in place in straight vases in the shape of a cylinder, so you can add arcs, attach it to a wooden spike with a cable and insert it into the arrangement as if it were a flower stem.Other small and light items can be added to your flower arrangement to give it a personal touch.

If floral arrangements is something you consider but you feel you want a professional to take care of your needs, we are here to help. We are professionally trained and have a lot of experience. Call us on 0451 996 515 we can cater for all type of occasions from Wedding Floral Arrangements to Corporate Floral Arrangements

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