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The best wedding planner is you; no really even if you hire a wedding planner in Edmondson Park they only take your ideas and bring them to life. It is not the idea that they have but the organization and contacts to make what you want to become a reality.

It takes many wedding vendors to get the right items that fit your theme and finding them will not be easy. You will need wedding flowers, wedding dresses and of course the wedding rings. These are the things that can give a young bride heart palpitations. Chances are you have never even haggled before. We are so used to going into a store and seeing a price tag and paying what it is there. Nowhere is the art of the haggle more relevant than when dealing with wedding vendors.

Using wedding websites are great for a new bride. It puts her in contact with other people who are planning their weddings. She can read the forums and blogs, ask questions and get answers, such as how much should she pay for a good bouquet. Many of these websites will have vendors advertising on them. These vendors will be offering their wares at great discounts, and that is good news for your wedding planning budget.


Budget that Suites to Your Pocket

Speaking of a budget, one thing that you get with the wedding planner is a great budget calculator. The budget calculator allows you to plan better because it lists for you all of the things that should be included in a wedding. It also has space for you to add your very own touches.

A big question for many new brides is how to come up with the budget. The reality is that many brides take out loans to pay for their weddings as well as use money given by friends and family. If you do not want to start your new life with a mountain of debt, you can have a lengthy engagement and save for the event. You still plan the wedding out; you need to know how much you have to save. This works, but it can also be a strain on a relationship.

You can also plan to have a very budget friendly wedding by making it smaller and more intimate. Start by trimming the guest lists. It is perfectly acceptable to invite fewer people to the reception than to the wedding. Fewer people will mean less food to be bought, and you can hire a smaller venue. Having a happy wedding does not have to mean having a big wedding.


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These are the types of ideas that you can refine using our wedding planning website at, and it is there that you get all the free wedding planner in Edmondson Park ideas that will make planning your wedding, large or small, less frantic and more manageable.You will experts whose only work is to plan your entire schedule – from the moment you are engaged to the planning of your honeymoon to sending thank you notes for the gifts. This type of person will be in contact with you regularly, so you’ll need to get on well with them and agree to a fee in advance. This will be the most expensive option, but you’re guaranteed a day never to be forgotten.

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